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You’ll never forget this summer.

Who are we? We’re girls and young women who love adventuring, having fun with new friends, learning about ourselves, each other, and Maine’s legendary lakes and rivers, mountains and forests, islands and coastline.

We welcome challenges, inspiration, and laughter. Each of us is essential in the community we create each summer, living close to the natural world.

Imagine How it Would Feel:

Wake up with the birds; cook blueberry pancakes over a campfire; laugh on a mountaintop after a hard climb; paddle your canoe through white water; sing under the stars with friends; share a lake with loons; hear a river running by your tent at night. Imagine–or spend a summer with us and find out what these experiences feel like for real.

Chewonki girls and young women are ages 8 to 16. We come from all over the U.S. and the world. Each one of us is unique. What we have in common: curiosity, courage, compassion, a good sense of humor, and the passionate belief that spending time outside teaches us and leads us to our truest selves.

Chewonki girls and women discover joy in the great outdoors, welcome a challenge, and get that competence and community-building are vital in the wilderness, and afterwards. They dare to explore, expect the unexpected, work hard, and play with all their heart.

Never been to camp? Let us get you started. Been to Chewonki before? Come back to this community for a new experience; every summer is different. Experienced outdoorswoman? We’ve got an adventure for you.

Become a Chewonki girl. Discover what’s out there – and what’s inside you!

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