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10-Day Camp for Girls

Our Residential Camp Programs:

Chewonki’s residential camps focus on building communities, challenging ourselves to learn and grow, and living closely and deeply with the natural world. Participants take part in daily activities in core areas, engaging in curriculum designed for their age and stage, to develop skills and spark curiosity, and instill joy and fun. The residential camp experience culminates in a wilderness trip experience for each cabin, which provides an opportunity for campers to put into practice their skills in outdoor living, as well as engaging with the natural world, and living and working closely together to achieve group goals.

10-Day Camp

Our youngest campers, the Puffins, have completed grades 2 or 3 and spend 10 days or 3 weeks with us in a cabin group of six to eight campers and two cabin leaders.

In camp, Puffins are introduced to our core activities and learn foundational skills that they will build upon when they return to camp each summer. Puffin wilderness trips are one or two night adventures at the end of the Chewonki Neck peninsula that provide a wonderful introduction to camping and traveling in the wild. With help from their cabin leaders, Puffins set up a campsite, pitch their tents, and learn to cook over an open fire. They develop their paddling skills and discover what it’s like to live and sleep outdoors with a close-knit group.

For many Puffins, Chewonki is their first experience away from home, spending days and nights apart from their families. We provide a warm and friendly environment, highly trained staff, and careful supervision to make their first camp experience a success.

Cabin Groups

Our cabins are organized into age groups called Puffins, Owls, Herons, and Ospreys. Participants are assigned to cabins based on their age and grade, with 7-10 campers and 2 or more counselors. Cabin groups share some activities throughout the day, take overnight and wilderness trips together, and form close-knit communities. Cabin leaders facilitate group activities within the cabin throughout the course of camp in order to establish community guidelines, and provide continued space for sharing, reflection, and connection. These include daily evening meetings, as well as cabin activity nights, and cabin contracts.

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