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Chewonki Explorers spend three weeks hiking, paddling, laughing, and learning their way over mountains, across lakes, and down rivers in some of the most beautiful places in Maine. This is a great way to gain and refine wilderness skills while enjoying the company of like-minded girls who love to be outside.

Chewonki Explorers find out about themselves as they meet the challenges and experience the joy of wilderness travel. Leaders provide instruction and support as the girls practice two traditional modes of adventuring through Maine: on foot and by canoe. The small, tight-knit community of Explorers cultivates confidence and friendship, preparing the girls for more difficult trips as they grow.

The three-week Explorers trip is a perfect opportunity to gain experience before taking on one of Chewonki’s more advanced trips.

Hiking, Canoeing, Camping–and Learning About Oneself

The multi-element Explorers expedition gives girls the chance to learn new hiking and canoeing skills while enjoying a variety of lands and waters.

Throughout the trip, leaders work to strengthen the girls’ competence and self-assurance through age-appropriate challenges, with a focus on positive group dynamics, decision-making, and learning to overcome preconceived limits. The “Leave No Trace” ethic underlies our approach; participants learn to live and travel responsibly in the outdoors.

We spend time setting up base camp and learning the essentials of hiking, practicing our paddling and portaging skills. While we travel, we learn to read a map and compass; develop safe fire-building and cooking skills; and step into appropriate leadership opportunities. We learn about nature, one another, and ourselves.

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